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Nicholas Ørum Keller

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Solution oriented employment- and commercial law attorney.

I absolutely love adding value to my clients' businesses by applying a very commercial view on legal issues. In my opinion, an attorney's job is to find solutions and enablers for a client's business, rather than just saying 'no' and writing long legal memorandums (which no-one reads or understands anyway).

I believe that all communication is to be on the recipients' terms. I have been told I have a knack for adjusting my communication to the effect that my messages and my advise comes across clearly, whether it be in a meeting with two young start-up guys, the board room of a global business, as a teacher or public speaker, or in the courtroom as a litigator.

My experiences from being deployed as an army officer to conflict zones in the Middle East has enabled me to keep performing well even under a high degree of external pressure. In addition, it has shown me just how dependant any organisation is of a strong team spirit and true cooperation.

-------- Current --------

- Employment- and Labour Law

- Commercial Law

- Company Law

- Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

-------- Recent --------

- Legal Compliance

- Corporate Criminal Law

- Health and Safety (HSE)

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  • Cand.jur
  • Advokat
  • Ansvarsforsikring
  • Medlem af Advokatsamfundet

  • Attorney / Advokat - Ret&Råd
  • Attorney / Advokat - Kromann Reumert
    10/2015 - 03/2016
    Specializing in all aspects of employment law, ranging from day-to-day advise on hiring and firing, over health- and safety issues (HSE), to preparing and implementing advanced incentive schemes for our clients. In addition, I assist clients within the area of legal compliance. I train their employees in compliance and preventive measures. When needed, I help conduct internal investigations to confirm or deny any allegations of internal misconduct, fraud, etc.
  • Assistant Attorney / Junior Associate - Kromann Reumert
    09/2012 - 10/2015
    In my initial two years at Kromann Reumert, I developed a broad and solid foundation within the practise areas of general company- and commercial law as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). At the same time I helped spear-head the implementation of our brand new corporate criminal law department, through which I have gained invaluable practical experience on how to assist our clients conduct internal investigations. In addition, I have had the pleassure of holding seminars for our larger clients' employees on the do's and dont's in relation to legal compliance. From third year, I transferred to our Employment and Labour Law department, where I currently work and have specialized.
  • Legal Intern - Kromann Reumert
    02/2011 - 08/2012
    Attached to the Competition & Procurement Department, I assisted the lawyers/attorneys with legal case considerations.
  • CIMIC officer - The Danish Battlegroup in Helmand, Afghanistan
    06/2009 - 02/2010
    Holding the rank of captain, I worked as a Civil- Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Officer. - Deployed to a primitive British/Afghan patrol base at the very front line - Daily patrols into the Taliban controlled green zone - Responsible for all contact to the local population in my area, in order to collect information as well as establishing trustful relations between the locals and us: the international forces - Project management of reconstruction initiatives: schools, wells, bridges, dams, gender aspects etc. - Management of one mid-level manager During my 100 foot-patrols I have experienced almost everything you can imagine in a war zone.
  • Adviser / Diplomat - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    04/2005 - 08/2006
    I was employed as a full-time adviser to the Danish Office in Basra, Iraq. The Danish Office is responsible for the implementation of the Danish reconstruction assistance to the southern part of Iraq. I was sole responsible for the Local Governance Fund, which aims to strengthen the administrative capacity of the local councils, as well as implementing projects in the range of USD 100,000 prioritized by Local Councils in the Basra Province.
  • CIMIC Officer - The Danish Battalion in Iraq
    08/2004 - 02/2005
    I was deployed as a Captain to the Danish Battalion in Iraq for half a year. - My primary task was to maintain liaison with the local Iraqi councils and other key persons in my area of responsibility - Furthermore, I was a part of the planning and execution of the first free local council elections in the Basra province

  • Forsvaret
    Videreuddannelse til Kaptajn af Reserven i Forsvaret (6)
    06/2011 - 07/2012
    Videreuddannelse med fokus på taktiske analyser og overvejelser Blev tildelt et legat for ”anerkendelsesværdig indsats”
  • Københavns Universitet
    Jura (2)
    08/2006 - 09/2012
    Fokusområder: Ansættelsesret, Selskabsret, Immaterialret, Markedsføringsret, Konkurrenceret, Køb og salg af virksomheder Aktiviteter: Vinder af formueretligt processpil i Højesteret, Nov 2007 Studiestartsvejleder, Aug 2007
  • Forsvaret
    Officer af Reserven i Forsvaret (6)
    08/2001 - 07/2003
    Uddannelse med fokus på moderne ledelse under fysisk og psykisk pres, planlægning, undervisning, samt personlig integritet

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