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T-sense was incorporated in 1996 as Bookkeeping and Accounting office in Skopje, Macedonia. We operate with 8 Chartered Accountants and 10 bookkeepers locally, with stable management and independent financial structure. Currently we serve 250 active clients on Macedonian market.
We care about quality of Accounting and Bookkeeping business, this is why we participate actively in Macedonian Accounting Institute and Macedonian Accounting Chamber.
Since 2017 we enroll different challenging service type – Providing Bookkeeping services to Danish Clients. The Danish unit team is highly passionate about customer service, which brings additional quality to our services besides the highly valuated professional expertise.
Currently we provide services to direct Danish Clients but also to Accounting offices. Both of those market segments provides practice in different business area, like: Trade and Retail in shops and online, Service providers – Hair dresser, Automotive repair and spare parts, Spa houses, Flower shops, Health providers and clinics, Restaurants and hotel business, Mobile repair shops, Transport companies, Property management, Farms, Construction services and repairs, but also Associations and Non-profit organizations like Foundations, Churches, and similar. The diversity of services delivered to Danish market contribute to the quality of our service on daily basis.
Our dedicated team of qualified and accomplished professionals and variety of services ensures that our client gets everything under one roof.

As Bookkeeping service provider, we offer full administrative and bookkeeping service to our Clients:
1. We create and deliver Sales invoices in Client’s name and book the Incomes, but also assist in collections on Client’s request;
2. We manage the Sales software if client use any (Izettle, Mobilepay, and similar);
3. We book expenses (incoming invoices and receipts, agreements, according to existing cost centers or we help Clients to improve cost centers the way it will serve it’s business the best way, We communicate Suppliers on missing documents and account balance statements);
4. Payroll, Allowances and Deductions (we calculate and report payroll. We also follow time registration software, as Timelog, on Client’s request);
5. Bank reconciliation (Full reconciliation of all bank accounts);
6. AR/AP reconciliation (Full reconciliation of Customer Accounts and supplier Accounts. We communicate with Customers for debt collection, We communicate Suppliers for account statements or missing documents);
7. Management of Assets
8. Statutory reports (VAT reporting, Report of sick leaves, Annual report of donations and similar);
9. Management reports (Budget, Cash flow, Monthly Income statement and Balance sheet, Consolidated reports, or any customized report of Client’s interest);
10. Preparation of E-banking payments;
11. Assist in financial and administrative management of Projects;
12. Follow E-box in the Client’s name and suggest the necessary actions;
13. Year-end preparations for Audit

We are fiercely passionate about what we do and achieve this by focusing on our Clients. The care about Client’s business and success is our target.
- We prefer long term cooperation for high quality
- We work in compliance with positive Danish regulations
- We are GDPR compliant service provider in technical and organizational terms
- We deliver customized service according to Clients specifics and needs
- Our Danish Client reduces the bookkeeping service budget for 50% comparing to cooperation with local providers
- We provide dedicated person and we response in timely manner

While producing our services we are focus and devoted on the following principles:
1. Legal compliance and business process support
2. Quality due to long term cooperation
3. Documentary
4. Accuracy and Time policy
5. Internal control policy
6. Use of Standard Operating Procedures for standardized quality
7. Continuous training and knowledge sharing
8. Up to date technology resources
9. Daily communication

T-sense Team:
 Stable management and employee structure with currently 7 full time employees trained for Danish market
 Experienced Chartered Accountants with master’s degree in Accounting and Finance management, with 25 years of experience
 All employees graduate in Accounting & Audit
 B2 & C1 English language level
 Advanced experience in bookkeeping
 Open talent pipeline

T – Sense Project was awarded by Macedonian Innovation fond in 2018. The Project was related to further development of Macedonian market for Accounting Outsourcing services to Scandinavian market.
Our Sustainable goals:
We support “Retweet the meal” initiative for 0 hungry within homeless people in Skopje;
Our employees cycle to work for better health and environmental protection;
We practice paperless work for environmental protection.

Our references among the Danish accountants (contacts provided upon request):
• Sigurd Sonne Pedersen, Accountant
• Hanna Beck, Accountant
• Tove Merrild, Accountant

The Client's testimonials:
Kobborg Consult
Keld Koborg Andresen, Managing Director
"As a company we have existed for almost 20 years - and we have never had this kind of quality as with -sense consulting in the areas of accounting and technical administration. The reporting comes fast and they are accurate."

Inscale AS, Office in Macedonia
Asaf Ademi, Country manager
"T-sense is forward thinking, highly competent and very approachable. Working with T-sense we enjoy having a quick response to all our queries and have all the work managed in a very professional manner."


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